What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on using influential personalities to drive your campaign’s message to your target audience. Influencers are key individuals who might have a big or small following, but have strong influence in changing people’s opinions and consumer behaviours. In today’s era, where customers are much more educated on marketing tactics, influencer marketing has a better impact due to its organic nature and helps reach a wider audience at lesser cost of marketing as compared to traditional outbound marketing like newspaper ads, or even social media advertisements.


Who are these influencers?

An influencer is an opinion leader.
An influencer is a behaviour leader.
An influencer has a
dedicated following.
Influencers are anybody who can influence people’s thoughts, be it in a small or large community. They need not necessarily be celebrities or superstars. An influencer could be an author, a journalist, a sportsperson, a teacher, a social worker, or even a student.

Why Influencer Marketing is The Choice Today?

  1. Leverage Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing by using influencers – No need of expensive celebrity endorsement advertisements. Celebrities can endorse you even better in the form of influencer marketing.

  2. Connect with your audience organicallySpread the word on social media through celebrities and influencers, and connect with your audience more directly, organically, and at scale.

  3. Promote your brand by simply creating a conversationGet people talking about your brand and the promotion has just happened without you even realizing!

  4. It is currently an arbitrage The internet and social media is full of influencers, but they are not utilized to their full potential by brands as of now. Because influencer marketing is still at a nascent stage. When we call it an arbitrage, it simply means that due to the above reasons, the cost of buying an influencer today is lower than its real value as compared to the ROI it can bring.

  5. Paid Ads have less impactAs consumers are getting more and more educated, they are tired of seeing paid ads and hardly believe any of them. The increasing usage of ad blockers have led to a common phenomenon called “banner blindness” that have highly reduced paid ads’ visibility, thereby impacting ROI.

  6. It boosts SEOAs the conversation grows, it promotes our search engine ranking, which is basically based on the presence of keywords.

  7. Targetable and TraceableDigital marketing comes with a lot of benefits. It facilitates the tracking of every website visit, social media likes and comments, yielding ocean full of data that can be stored and analyzed for gathering insights into better targeting and campaign performance.

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